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WordPress Move for IIS.

by on Nov.18, 2018, under IIS, Tech Stuff, Wordpress

Assuming you know all the basics of managing a data move here are the key steps:

  • Set up IIS.
  • Set up mySQL.
  • Export all data from the mySQL and inetpub folders and move/import them to the new server.
  • Download and install PHP for Windows.
  • Download and install PHP Manager for IIS.
    • Ensure PHP is configured, the screen should look like this
    • IIS PHP Settings
  • Turn on 32 Bit Application support in the application pool.
  • Set your bindings.
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Hearthstone Legendary

by on Jul.17, 2018, under Games

I started playing Hearthstone from beta, but never really tried to get high ranks. I did decently for a long time, playing the game for fun and developed a great understand of the game. But to me it was always a casual game. However, several months ago I hit up a local tournament with a few of my really good friends, mainly for fun. But I ended up going 5-0 before losing a match and ended up 4th overall out of a field of 30+. The funny part is that I lost 4 games in a row to Lyndon (came in 6th) on the way to the tournament. Part of me had thought that my competitive gaming days were long gone. Back in my World of Warcraft playing days I lead a guild of 10 people to be one of the top 10 10-man-strict guilds in the world. I guess the competitiveness never leaves. That said, I play sports at a pretty competitive level so it’s not that big a surprise that I would go this route. It was a pretty good personal accomplishment.

For the past few weeks I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to Hearthstone. The most recent stats show that only 0.5% of all Hearthstone Players on any given month reach Legendary. And it’s a tricky climb. Especially considering kids and other activities taking away the free time you do have. Either way I wanted to just document that I was able to hit it in July of 2018. I even documented it in a Reddit post to help others that play the same deck.

My journey to legend with a T3 deck (Shudderwock) from CompetitiveHS



Current Track:

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Speech! Speech!

by on May.21, 2017, under Dreams

The dream started out odd enough already. A bunch of friends, notable appearances by Ed and Kyle, which fit the theme of what will be described later, staying at a house getting ready for a challenge reality show. Nothing majorly worth mentioning at this point because it’s like a resort hotel, warm locale, the sun is shining, everyone in shorts and t-shirts.

Flash forward to the next scene where we’re competing athletically through a training course. Physical tests of endurance and strength, though really it looked like a wipeout course. This when I start noticing what looks like WWE signage around and a few of the judges being WWE staff. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are there as is Daniel Bryan. I do average on the course, fall where most guys fell, certainly not enough upper body strength to dead lift another person my size. So as far as dreams go, this one was pretty spot on in terms of realism of my physical abilities.

After those test, we’re all in a sound stage and we’re told that we’re going to be given two minutes to talk. No prompt for anything, just two minutes. The three aforementioned members of the WWE are sitting there taking notes. A few of the other performers are given their mics, a timer starts and then a buzzer goes off when their time is up. I don’t remember any of the other competitors or what they say. Flash forward and my turn comes up.

I take the mic and start walking across the stage as I begin talking.

“This business is about creating memories. I want to create moments for people. Sure I’m 34 and possibly past my prime for in ring action, but I can take a bump and I sure as hell can spit it out on a mic. I will train harder than anyone and I will do what helps drive the story. It’s all about telling the story. Everyone remembers the ending of Flair vs HBK and where they were when the Taker’s streak ended. I can be the next big mouth piece and craft stories that lead to those moments. There is a video out there of Heyman talking about the conspiracy of how no one really knows if the streak was supposed to end, if it was scripted that way, or if Brock just decided to say fuck it and ended the streak on his own. The storytelling that he pulls off with his words is magical.”

I cross the stage and start walking towards Triple H, Steph, and Daniel. I took note of how much time I had left and remember distinctly seeing 45 seconds on the clock.

“I’m able to do that with my words, I’ll craft stories and tales with more twists and subplots than an M. Night Shyamalan movie. I’ll create visions with words and actions believable so that kids can grow up knowing they can make it. If an every-man like I can enter the squared circle, they will believe it too. Every kid who has ever grown up watching wrestling has hoped of meeting their heroes and shaking their hands.”

At this point I’m standing in front of Triple H and I stick my hand out to him. He smiles and goes to grab it and I pull my hand, look him dead in the eyes and say,

“For others, they become equals and challenge them on their own stage.”

I drop the mic and the timer goes off. The other competitors go nuts, Daniel smacks Triple H on the arm and Stephanie has a hand covering her mouth and wide eyed. I don’t remember much else after this aside from hearing Stephanie say, “That took a lot of heart, reminds me of someone here.” Probably referring to Daniel.

I woke up shortly after, but what I wanted to make sure I captured was the speech. It felt so raw and so true. I didn’t stutter, my pauses were perfect, it was the first time I’ve had to do any sort of “public” speaking in almost 5 years. I almost dare say I miss it a little bit. To hold the attention of people, to be in center spotlight, it’s empowering to me.

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A long time coming.

by on May.17, 2017, under Personal

You would think that having a kid would inspire me to post more, but the simple matter of the fact is that you get too busy enjoying their time and making time for other things (such as volleyball and video games) to take the time to keep a record. Well the last post was in 2014 and I was talking about my eye issue where I turned partially blind. Fast forward 2 1/2 years later, the vision loss is still there (according to my vision field test) but the majority of the issue is all but gone. Except for when I read books or go to 3D movies.

My son Maddox and my daughter Nova have changed my world.

This little guy makes it a little more special to wake up each day. Even when he’s grumping through the night it’s not that big a deal. Sure he may want cuddles for 15 minutes before going back to his bed and sleeping, but the’s only little for so long. Then the phase disappears and all that is left is an uninterrupted night’s sleep 😀

There really has been a lot that’s happened in the past 2 1/2 years, but at the same not, not that much either. Sure there have been big events like my cousin’s and sister’s wedding, cousin’s bachelor party where we did Mud Hero, all of Maddox’s milestones (solid food, crawling, walking, stairs, now full sentences, it just keeps happening).

Nova at the time I write this is almost 2 months old. There’s really not much to tell about her. She’s a baby, eat sleeps, poops, repeats. Much like her brother sleeping through the night at the moment, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Maddox regressed after 4 months.

I got back into the WWE and hanging with friends while doing it, it’s been fun following the storylines again and just talking about it with friends.

On a personal level I’ve been dealing with a shoulder injury for the better part of the past 2 years finally working on fixing the problem in the past 6 months. What sparked it? Having pain when lifting Maddox over my head. This is not something I want to have happen for his entire life.

As far as video games, I started playing World of Warcraft again a couple months ago. A lot of my old friends still play, and joining back up with them is like nothing has changed at all. The only difference is that I am playing a Warrior instead of a Hunter. It’s easier to do that with a wife that is a priest so she can heal or DPS on it and easier for us to find groups.

I used to end posts with a current track, this time I am choosing to end with Robert Miles – Children. He passed away last week. The man was one of the first influences on me to the trance scene.

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A few weeks later

by on Jul.09, 2014, under Personal

Well life goes on, no point in staying angry. I’m sure the doctors were just trying to be optimistic about the issue, I understand that now.

Just a quick little update post saying everything is good. 3 more months and I’ll be a dad. Yay!

No current track.

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