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UK trip first days

by on Jul.21, 2009, under Personal

Today is Tuesday, 0932h local time, 0232h Calgary time, yes I’m a little tired today, reason will be explained shortly.

I arrived Sunday morning at 11 AM local time and got to the hotel around 2 PM. The most wicked part? My best friend made it up to the hotel to chill with me for the entire afternoon/night. It’s funny that the first time we see each other in 10 months is 1/2 way across the world in a country we didn’t plan on being in together at the same time. I mean I was pretty excited to see him here, had dinner, chilled, talked about anything and everything. Zombie holocaust for example. How to survive, different theories, etc. The funniest thing, Shaun of the Dead came on later that night. We agreed that we would shoot each other if the other got infected, wouldn’t keep each other alive and chained up so we could play games 😛 risk is too great. Better to off the other person and let them rest. Onto less morbid topics we covered his trip so far, relationships, work, future plans, careers, etc. We might not be where we are in a few years, but life is never the way we plan. I never planned on leaving Saskatoon when I was younger, not even until I was 18. And now, I’ve been in Calgary for the past 8 years, building a different life off my own. It was simply awesome seeing Xpower.

Alright, so day 1 was spent chilling with Xpower, slept for a total of 3 hours in about 36 and ended up crashing before Ed at about Midnight local time, which was awesome because I figured yes! I have this jet lag thing beat.

We get up the next day get a buffet style breakfast from the hotel and head out. My friend Albert drove me (bought him a bottle of CC this time around), he also drove me last time I was here to and from the hotel most of the days. I make sure my friends are treated well so I figured it was a fitting gift. Not too expensive out of my pocket and showed him my appreciation 🙂 Anyway we dropped off Ed at Stonehenge on the way to work and the first few hours wasn’t too bad. Updating a few test machines and then the server….. oh how I hate that machine.

***Warning about to get technical, skip to TL;DR below if you’re not a geek***
Updated our client and admin software without a hitch, got documentation updated for the users here. Next was the back end engines on one of the servers. We have an automated tool that goes through and updates all databases when compared to a snapshot of the correct set up. Well the problem is the server is running such an old version of the SQL database it didn’t update properly, it for some reason was not recognizing the line breaks in the code of the updater and because the entire function was on one line, any update procedure that included a “–” would cause an error. So I had to update the entire database by hand. Luckily the application we use also spits out the raw SQL statements, if it didn’t do that I would have had to sit and manually compare the snapshot and the database. Even with that little bit of grace granted to me, I was working on the machine from about 1300h to 2330h. If it wasn’t for the fact that machine had to be ready by this morning I would have had a much better first day on the job here. It needed to be ready to go for 0700h and was just a bloody nightmare. Hopefully I’ll get to go home early today and rest up a bit and catch up on sleep.

The sleep last night wasn’t very helpful either, woke up at 0130h and 0315h. At 0315 I decided just to stay up for a little bit and make myself a little more tired. Luckily that seemed to work, slept until my alarm went off at 0605, snooze, woke up and rushed to get ready as Albert was due at 0630. Made it just in time.

TL;DR version: server upgrade didn’t work as planned and I had to manually do everything that was supposed to be automated. Went to bed at 2330h for a total of a 16 hour working day. Slept horribly. And had to be up and ready to be back on base by 0700h.

That’s it so far, more updates will come.

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