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Speech! Speech!

by on May.21, 2017, under Dreams

The dream started out odd enough already. A bunch of friends, notable appearances by Ed and Kyle, which fit the theme of what will be described later, staying at a house getting ready for a challenge reality show. Nothing majorly worth mentioning at this point because it’s like a resort hotel, warm locale, the sun is shining, everyone in shorts and t-shirts.

Flash forward to the next scene where we’re competing athletically through a training course. Physical tests of endurance and strength, though really it looked like a wipeout course. This when I start noticing what looks like WWE signage around and a few of the judges being WWE staff. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are there as is Daniel Bryan. I do average on the course, fall where most guys fell, certainly not enough upper body strength to dead lift another person my size. So as far as dreams go, this one was pretty spot on in terms of realism of my physical abilities.

After those test, we’re all in a sound stage and we’re told that we’re going to be given two minutes to talk. No prompt for anything, just two minutes. The three aforementioned members of the WWE are sitting there taking notes. A few of the other performers are given their mics, a timer starts and then a buzzer goes off when their time is up. I don’t remember any of the other competitors or what they say. Flash forward and my turn comes up.

I take the mic and start walking across the stage as I begin talking.

“This business is about creating memories. I want to create moments for people. Sure I’m 34 and possibly past my prime for in ring action, but I can take a bump and I sure as hell can spit it out on a mic. I will train harder than anyone and I will do what helps drive the story. It’s all about telling the story. Everyone remembers the ending of Flair vs HBK and where they were when the Taker’s streak ended. I can be the next big mouth piece and craft stories that lead to those moments. There is a video out there of Heyman talking about the conspiracy of how no one really knows if the streak was supposed to end, if it was scripted that way, or if Brock just decided to say fuck it and ended the streak on his own. The storytelling that he pulls off with his words is magical.”

I cross the stage and start walking towards Triple H, Steph, and Daniel. I took note of how much time I had left and remember distinctly seeing 45 seconds on the clock.

“I’m able to do that with my words, I’ll craft stories and tales with more twists and subplots than an M. Night Shyamalan movie. I’ll create visions with words and actions believable so that kids can grow up knowing they can make it. If an every-man like I can enter the squared circle, they will believe it too. Every kid who has ever grown up watching wrestling has hoped of meeting their heroes and shaking their hands.”

At this point I’m standing in front of Triple H and I stick my hand out to him. He smiles and goes to grab it and I pull my hand, look him dead in the eyes and say,

“For others, they become equals and challenge them on their own stage.”

I drop the mic and the timer goes off. The other competitors go nuts, Daniel smacks Triple H on the arm and Stephanie has a hand covering her mouth and wide eyed. I don’t remember much else after this aside from hearing Stephanie say, “That took a lot of heart, reminds me of someone here.” Probably referring to Daniel.

I woke up shortly after, but what I wanted to make sure I captured was the speech. It felt so raw and so true. I didn’t stutter, my pauses were perfect, it was the first time I’ve had to do any sort of “public” speaking in almost 5 years. I almost dare say I miss it a little bit. To hold the attention of people, to be in center spotlight, it’s empowering to me.

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