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What’s gone on?

by on Apr.05, 2014, under Personal

There has been so much that has happened lately that I don’t know really where to begin. So I’ll do what I can chronologically.

I got married back on October 26th. My friends had a blast, I had a lot of fun and I solidified the life long commitment that I’ve made to my wife and future family. I say future family because I will also become a father in just over half a year from now.

How do I feel about that? It’s exciting, nervous, reinvigorating, and scary all at once. All my friends are excited about the fact I’m going to be a dad. It’s a pretty awesome thing to have happen and I look forward to being able to raise a child.

Chrystal isn’t handling it so well though, I mean physically. She’s been sick the entire time so far and it’s not been fun for her. Nothing but nausea the past 2 months. Put a pretty big damper on our honeymoon, we thought that she was early enough that we should still have a lot of fun. We did do a few cool things, tours to go snorkeling, relax on a white sandy beach, and swim with dolphins. We went to Cuba, stayed at Allegro in Varadero. It wasn’t too bad on the over all, the beach was fantastic. Drinks flowed free, I’m pretty sure I put down two bottles of rum myself the entire week. The food was almost the same every day and by the end of it, I was pretty unimpressed with the food. Chrystal couldn’t even get to the buffet by the end of it. The smell would make her throw up 🙁 All it means is that we need a do over 🙂

With the news of a child on the way, the roommate has moved out for a few reasons. We need the space, he doesn’t want to live with a crying baby, and it’s nice to live as just Chrystal and I for a little bit before our lives change forever.

It’s also been a bad season for my sports. I’ve been afflicted with a lower back injury that took me out for 3 weeks and I’m currently on the tail end of an injured knee which I’ve been out for 3 weeks as well. I was good enough in the middle to get another dodgeball championship with the Ducks 😀 That said, we’ve won a few and the competition level isn’t there so we’re doing intermediate volleyball this season. A few of us have played, Vince and I play at a competitive level and Kyle played in high school so it should be interesting. If nothing it’s a change of what to do with the team.

Work has been good, my boss gave me a server to play with at home so I’m excited to do that. I can consolidate my two servers into one now using some of the same technology we use for our clients and just play with the newer stuff before we deploy to clients.

Current track:DJ RAM – Ramelia There’s a bit of story behind this track that makes it so moving. The DJ’s wife was in a war ravaged country, don’t remember where, and he was fighting hard to get her out of it, but due to passport issues, she was stuck. During the time apart, she died in the country, unable to get out.

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