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Same old same old

by on Jul.17, 2012, under Personal

Same old story, I suck at keeping constant updates going on. But it really boils down to me not scheduling time to do this on a regular basis. Or if I do, I forget about it with so much to do.

So what has happened since the beginning of May?

  • LAN party was a huge success. Awesome friends. Lots of gaming, generally all around good time.
  • My good friends Luke and Grace are now married, they’re such an awesome couple. Technology is so awesome. I was able to do their music for them for the whole night sitting from the dining area 🙂
  • Another bachelor party, this time for one of my best friends Lindsey. Paintballing and poker were in store for the night. Couldn’t get a hand to save my life, lost 40 bucks 😛
  • Yearly camping trip with Chrystal’s family, awesome people. Another little one on the way, this time to the childless uncle. That makes him the last one of Chrystal’s aunts/uncles on that side to be a dad/mom.
  • Been helping Lindsey build a deck this past week. It’s not bad, I’ll get a little progress album done soon.
Lindsey is getting married this weekend out on the way to Banff, destination wedding, sorta. It’s only an hour out of the city, but still it’s going to require an overnight stay there. Damn…. that sorta leaves me as the last one in my university friends circle to get married. Huh… good thing that’s next year.
Planning for that is going okay as well, we have the fall of 2013 picked, but not entirely sure when, or even where. I think picking a venue is the most difficult. Chrystal wants somewhere in nature, or naturesque and in Calgary that’s difficult, but outside it’s tricky for guests. Lots of time to plan, hopefully she and I can get it worked out nicely. If I have my way, it should be all done like a month before minus the minor things.
Well that’s it for now, I’ll put more up later.

Current Track (A little K-pop for you today): Tara – Roly Poly

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