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It’s been a busy two months….

by on May.09, 2012, under Personal

So I was planning on more regular updates, but times at home get busy.

I have raided and stopped in ToR in the past 2 months. Lets put it this way, the guild lead and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on how to do things. There’s a set method of gear progression in the game. You get gear like this, 1.1 (Tionese), 1.2 (Columi),  and 1.3 (Rakatta). His logic has been lets do stuff to get 1.3 gear to do harder bosses that drop 1.3 gear. Instead of using 1.2 to get 1.3. I can kind of understand his logic about the gear making it a little easier, but it’s just not that logical. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’m done with MMO’s on the large scale now. WoW was great, but I don’t have the energy to do that again.

We’ve been bumped up in dodgeball leagues, we’re now in Tier A and it’s a little challenging. Definitely have to play harder and we have done better for the most part, but man the games are getting a little tougher. My right ring finger is perma-jammed. It is swollen all the time 😛 Also playing on a Thursday team now with a few new dodgeball friends. I have to admit, the community around the game is so fun and awesome. In the year and a half that I’ve been playing I’ve made more new friends than in the past 6 of volleyball.

Speaking of volleyball we’re in the winning tier of playoffs again. We’ve gone 17-2 in the last 2 rounds of round robin play. We won our first two games so now we can do no worse than 4th. But this is the closest we’ve come to first, fingers crossed we’ll get it.

So what has made my life so busy since the last post? Here are the events that have occurred in each of the consecutive weekends:

  • Helped my buddy Lindz move into his new house.
  • Empty weekend actually, not sure what ended up happening this weekend.
  • Birthday get together.
  • Out of town training, roommate opening for one of the biggest names in the trance world. Paul van Dyk, huge for him and he played an awesome set. If he ever puts something like that up, I’ll link it here. On this day at 4 AM after the show, I was awake for 23 of the past 24 hours.
  • Volleyball tournament, placed 2nd because we choked. It was one of those, “They didn’t win it, we lost it” situations.
  • Bachelor party (paintballing), separate birthday party afterwards for two other friends.

And for the weekends coming up, this is what is planned so far, again each point is a weekend:

  • Avengers movie night. Giving blood, haircut, hopefully a bit of relaxing.
  • LAN Party for Diablo 3. Having a bunch of friends over for a nerd weekend during the long weekend.
  • Wedding to attend.
  • Dodgeball tournament.

So yeah, it’s been a busy bit of time and the next few weeks are still as busy. Then later on there’s still another wedding to attend (which I’m in the wedding party of), so there’s another associated bachelor’s party.

Busy times, busy times indeed.

Current Track: Gareth Emery feat. Christna Novelli – Concrete Angel

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