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The average person

by on Feb.05, 2012, under Personal

will change careers 7 times in their life.

I heard this early in my life and thought that I wouldn’t be one of those statistics. Not only just in that regard, but towards almost everything in life. I don’t want to become some statistic, I don’t live normally, I don’t follow convention. I live my life diversely, do as much as I can, be as impactful in the lives of others as possible. No one ever remembers the average guy, the one who just fades into the background, the one who doesn’t say much. Do his/her job, go home, watch TV/read by themselves, go to bed, repeat. That’s not something I ever wanted to become.

At this point in my life I can honestly say that I honestly could not have imagined that my changed outlook on life would come to this point 11 years later. Engaged, own my own house, an amazing circle of friends, living a life of perfection. That said, I’m about 4 years behind on my 10 year plan when I left high school, sorta. My plan back then was set like this:

  • 18-21/22: Get my degree.
  • 22-25ish: Move to the states and make money to pay off student loans and to build up a chunk and move back to Saskatoon.
  • 25: Get married.
  • 27: Have first kid.
Everything after that was unplanned. But that is what I had planned when I was 18. What kind of 18-year old has his life planned already? Sometimes I feel older than my age, or as the phrase goes, “wise beyond my years”. And now that I have the luxury of a great life so far, I feel that I can “regress” if you will and just enjoy what I can, do what I want and not worry about everything.
There is only one thing that I do wish for, and I think a lot of people wish for this as well. To be freed from the burden of financial insecurity. Sure my job pays well, I have a contract gig that helps supplement my income so that I can enjoy the lifestyle I have, but to win the lottery and be able to spend time traveling, exploring, enjoying everything the world has to offer would be phenomenal. But those are dreams that everyone has.

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