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Where does the time go?

by on May.17, 2010, under Personal, World of Warcraft

I mean really? In the blink of an eye a month has passed since my fluff post about zombies on my lawn. What’s happened in the past month?

  • We’ve killed Arthas
  • I’ve built a new computer.
  • The girlfriend has moved in.
  • Booked tickets for Toronto for my sister’s grad
  • Got new monitor’s for myself and the girlfriend (it was her birthday present)
  • Picked up DDR3
  • Got into the Starcraft 2 Beta

Killing Arthas is one of the best feelings I’ve had video game wise in a long time. And the second time in this wow expansion that my guild and I have completed all of the content, minus a few hard modes. We’re in the top percentage of the WoW population for doing what we have. The next question is, do I continue playing? A lot of my guild had this as their objective, killing Arthas that is, it is what we strove for and what we ended up completing. Here is our mission statement:

Vendetta: any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry, or contention.

I guess you can say that we have a vendetta against the end content in the World of Warcraft.

Several of us in this guild have not seen the last bosses Pre-BC and Pre-WOTLK. However we have come together to resolve that this will not happen to us again. With the 10 man versions of the same instances that allow you to see this content, Vendetta will be pushing hard to see the end of this and to see a dead Arthas.

Vendetta is by no means a hardcore guild, but we are a skills guild. If you do not improve after a given amount of time, someone else will be given a shot and you will be replaced. Sorry if this sounds blunt, but after 3 years, the sugar coating wears off. This guild will be established on openness and trust with one another. If something bothers you during a raid, bring it up on the forums after the fact and do not detract from the raid. Everyone is here to make sure we all succeed, there need not be any insults thrown or attacks made. Issues will be dealt with (should they ever arise). There is a strict no-emo clause for this guild, we’re all mature and intelligent and can deal with issues as such.

The leadership of the guild is comprised of myself, Sanevisock, and Tdot. All three share equal vote and strength in the guild, any changes should be put forth in an appropriate manner and it will be voted upon. If you want us to change something, you have to sell us on the idea. We may not get the things we want, but there is not going to be any hurt feelings or any injured pride. Just the success of Vendetta.

The current incarnation of Vendetta will cater and focus on 10 man raids in WOTLK.

The leadership has now all but fallen onto myself only as everyone is burning out a bit. I have a few friends that have bonded over WoW and want to know what I plan on doing come the next expansion. Do I want to lead a guild through another expansion? I could for the sake of my friends and for the sake of seeing content and again being among the few that actually see and conquer the content in game rather than having to watch videos about it, like I did for the first 3 years of WoW. Maybe this is a good time that I step back from raid and guild leading, it would be nice to stop at the top.

The nice thing about SC2, is that you wouldn’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee to play it. And I have a lot of console games to play and the summer is coming. I think I’ll renew for one more 3 month block and that will be it. Everything has to end sometime.

The girlfriend has settled in pretty nicely and I’m happy to have her. Though it sucks a lot as she works weekends so finding time together to do something is tricky. It’s mostly just watching some TV for < 1hr before bed, which isn't really much, but it's something at least. Well that's about it as far as rambling for now is concerned. Take care everyone, Sorean

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Update time again

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Personal, World of Warcraft

So it’s been a month again and it’s been not too bad. Mostly just busy. As of this post I’m another year older, 27 to be exact. Feels a little odd to see this number keep growing. But it’s just a way of life, everyone is born, grows old, and will die. Just what we do with our lives makes the difference in the lives of others.

So what has gone on? Nothing too exciting to be honest. My life is still mostly comprised of work, volleyball, contract job, going to shows to support my friends. One band and one DJ. Luckily it hasn’t been too tough on the pocketbook. Speaking of which, I am now 100% debt free. No more student loans to speak of, just free until I get a house. Which I now plan on getting in the next 2 years. Renting just ins’t a good option any more when I can get a mortgage for around the same rate.

Chrystal is going to be moving in with me at the end of the month, I know, big step right? But honestly it feels right. It will help me save some extra money towards the aforementioned house.

This year is gonna be a bit of travel so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to put away much towards that house, but if the contract work keeps up I can put away a few grand here and there, hopefully. June is going to be a trip to Toronto for my sister’s grad, August is a trip to Vegas for a guildie’s wedding, and then sometime in Sept/Oct for a production that my best friend is putting on, they have a fully rented out theater for it and everything. I’m kind of excited for it.

Oh, that also brings up my best friend being here on my birthday, like the actual date of it. I took the day off, went to see him perform (he’s touring Alberta and Saskatchewan doing puppet shows of Robert Munch stories for elementary schools), went for a lunch, and spent the afternoon relaxing playing Mario Bros. Wii. Then off to volleyball, it was a great way to spend the actual birthday, the only sad part is that I couldn’t have had more people take the day off 😛 Which led me to have a BBQ on the weekend where more of my friends gathered and played some cards, socialized, and watched Wrestlemania, that’s right, I may have gotten old, but some things are still fun. Realistically, it was still fun to watch some throwback wrestlers and just the punishment they put their bodies through. It’s fun to watch, and I know it’s fake. I’ve used this term a lot, but it’s a soap opera for men and there isn’t a better way to put it. Although some of the wrestlers have just let it go, they’re a little chubby where the muscle used to be 😛

In the World of Warcraft front, we’ve been stuck on Arthas because of a lack of consistency for attendance. Hopefully he’ll go down this week, but it seems like we’re only going to have one raid day this week. We’re a 10 strict guild at the moment, but I don’t know what to do once we’re done with these guys. I’m 1/2 thinking I might try to find my guildies a place in a larger guild, or just let them find their own way. Part of me wants to push for a bit of a 25 man progress to see how far we can get with picking up some people or using people that I have access too. But that will happen once we get finished with what we are working on. Personal goals first, then we’ll see what we can hit.

Current track: Tocadisco & Nadia Ali- Better Run (Wippenberg Remix) HD TATW 293

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Update Time

by on Feb.21, 2010, under Personal, World of Warcraft

I’ve been keeping busy and honestly, it’s hard to find a few spare moments to myself except for times like right now.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, I just got back from having my car starter installed, finished laundry, done all my contract work for the time being but there will be more to come, and finished vacuuming. Right now, I have no obligations and time to relax. I don’t know why I keep returning to this topic, but it feels like some kind of justification to myself that I can maintain this current lifestyle, maybe it’s so that I can look back at it when I retire and reflect on the times where I have/had so much to do that I can remember that I’ve lived a pretty busy/full life.

But as it stands, the past few days and weeks have been fun and filled with the Olympics, the games are definitely fun to watch and tonight Canada plays the US. The headliner match. It should be a great game 😀

World of Warcraft wise, my guild and I are still in the top 100 of 10-strict guilds in the world. We do well, but with some personnel problems, we haven’t been able to finish these past few days. So close to the end that I can taste it, but lack of people make it so that we can’t see it. I have a solid core minus one spot at the moment. We’ll see how that goes. The problem I have is that one of these spots is a friend of mine in real life. Time will tell how things go down. I just know that my time is drawing to a bit of an end with this game and there are many console games for me to attend to once I am done with it.

Today is also 6 months with that special lady of mine, time flies as it hasn’t seemed like that long. Every day I think of her and it just seems to get better and better each day. We’ll see how this goes, but I’ve got a good feeling about it so far 🙂

Current Track: Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Beggin’ You (Official Music Video)


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How predictable

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Personal, World of Warcraft

I seem, when things are going well this gets neglected and I find less time to take care of this blog to keep people up to date on what goes on in my life.

So it’s been just over a month since I posted, however I honestly could not be a happier person. The relationship I have with my girlfriend is nothing short of amazing. I could not be a happier guy. During the week she goes to school but the weekends are generally spent with me. Granted it’s not really like we’re “dating” in the traditional sense, but it’s like we skipped all the awkwardness of everything. Even she has told me this, but I don’t feel like we’ve lost any kind of experience. We’re together in a much closer capacity sooner, I don’t see the loss, only a gain of the relationship going very well. She has few friends, but they’re good people. She’s getting along with my friends pretty well so it’s been going great on the overall scale. We’re supposed to be taking a trip up to Edmonton to do the waterpark thing with a few friends in a few weekends from now, hopefully I’ll get some pictures from that to share with people.

On the weight loss front, I clocked in at 209 last Wednesday, but it’s been a bad few days of eating since then so I’m not sure where I’m sitting at presently, but I feel that the weight has gone back up. 200 by the end of the year, that’s the goal, if I can’t hit it, I owe 2 friends 20 bucks each. If I can drop to 190, they both will give me 100 each. Pretty good incentive if you ask me. I just need to work hard on it, we’ll see though. I’m pretty sure I can hit the 200 mark, even with a Christmas dinner in there and a New Years Eve party, though I need to find something to do for it this year.

For Halloween I dressed up as Captain Hammer, if you don’t know who that is, look it up 😛

Because I my guild and I are doing better I have to mention it, we’re worldwide top 100 now, and top 50 in the US for rankings for 10 man only guilds. It’s funny how some don’t acknowledge this fact, but it does make the game a bit different for those at this level. We’re literally 2 bosses away from being finished with the current tier of content, it feels good to be a part of a group of people that can do this, sadly I can feel my time with multi-player video games might be coming to a close. I enjoy them, I enjoy leading people, and we have a great crew, but it’s starting to wear on me. I want to play games for fun, not to drive people to do well. At the same time I don’t want to let this group of people down. End of this expansion, that’s it, I’ll see what else I have time for then.

Current Track: Roger Shah & Chris Jones – To The Sky

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Life is grand :D

by on Sep.02, 2009, under Personal, World of Warcraft

So in the past 2 weeks I’ve met and built an amazing relationship with a wonderful girl. Laugh all you will but we technically met through WoW. She’s one of my guildies. I don’t know what I can really say about this girl except she makes me extremely happy and it’s crazy how quickly the relationship has progressed. It’s like we skipped through all the awkwardness and just get along great. She plays WoW, is going to school with a goal in mind, down to earth, practical, and is simply amazing.

So in the short 2 1/2 weeks we’ve been dating I’ve already been out camping and met her mother…. what an interesting meeting that was. Best joke of the night though, the set up is that the last name of the girl I’m dating is Sales, yes very simple 🙂 Anyway, most of them had been drinking and at one point in the night her mom brought up that she’s dating a guy that’s in marketing. She quickly follows that up with, “I guess he can say he’s been in Sales now too” talk about an almost awkward place to be. Oh yeah, at one point too since we’re all in the tent, her mom was spread eagled, clothed though, about 2 feet from me… that was interesting. But overall a great time. Oh she even cooked dinner last night, she’s just simply amazing. Pretty witty as well.

I swear I could not be a luckier guy in the world.

Speaking of WoW, to continue on with the last post we’re doing great progress wise 😀 Still top on our server for 10 man guilds. Top 100 in the US, but the link in the previous ranking speak for themselves. Need to put the guild link in the welcome I think. Or find some way of putting in the script onto one of the pages for guild rankings 😀

Current track: Paul van Dyk feat John McDaid – Home
Heh, it’s kinda fitting 😛

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